Systems Integration

Unified, simple and beautiful control of the electronic systems in your home

Light switches, gate entry handsets, thermostats, music controls, air conditioning controls, security controls... if you’re not careful, your once beautiful walls can begin to look like they’ve had a nasty outbreak of wall-acne.

The good news is that a cure for this complex and ugly condition is available; you just need to talk to us.

Homeplay control systems bring together the various systems in your home and make them simple and intuitive to control, hiding electronic equipment from view and reducing the number of disparate wall plates that you have on your wall.

An elegant in-wall touchpanel will integrate the functionality of the various electronic systems in your home, not only making your home look better, but making everything more simple and convenient for the whole family to use.

More than this, our latest systems can display the calendars of family members so that you can quickly and easily see your schedules. Or if you’re a fan of social media, you can have your touchpanels keep you in touch by displaying your Facebook feeds. And when they are not being used, they can be set to turn into digital photo frames...

Call us to arrange an appointment to see how Homeplay can integrate the various electronic systems in your home into one simple to use, beautiful and cohesive interface.

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