Lighting Control

Perfect lighting, whatever the mood or occasion

We’ve come a long way from having a single pendant lamp in the middle of a room. Nowadays there are thousands of amazing and beautiful light fittings and fixtures available to enhance your living space. The biggest challenge these days is finding a way of making all of these wonderful lighting effects simple and intuitive to control.

Homeplay will work with you to put you in control of the lighting in your home so that you can easily select the perfect lighting scene to achieve the mood you want in your home, at the touch of a button. Set the perfect lighting levels for the activity or mood you require with simple, intuitive and beautiful keypads.

Inside and out, our lighting systems can provide intelligent control of the lighting anywhere in your home. By being linked to the internet, our systems know what time of day it is so that lighting in your home and garden can be controlled relative to the time of day. Blinds and curtains can also be connected to the system and programmed to open and close at dawn and dusk respectively. Not only will lighting control enhance the beauty of your home and make it easier to manage, it will increase its security and save energy too.

We have long standing working relationships with some of the UKs finest lighting designers, so you can rest assured that the artistic aspect of your lighting project will be as beautiful and simple as the control is.

Call us to arrange a demonstration and experience what well designed lighting and control could do to enhance your home and lifestyle.

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