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Films weren’t meant to be watched on an ordinary TV screen

You haven’t really seen a film until you’ve seen and heard all of the visual and acoustic impact that the director intended you to experience. Homeplay home cinema systems are designed bring the cinematic experience right into the comfort of your own home.

Not only that, but we make our systems simple enough to use for the whole family to use and enjoy. Homeplay home cinema systems include one simple to use remote control which operates every component in the system, whilst being intuitive enough to be used by anyone and with virtually no training. If you're an iPad user, we can even configure yours to control thesystem.

And it’s not just films that a Homeplay home cinema system can unlock the potential of either. Ordinary television, from Saturday night TV to major sporting events will take on a whole new level of involvement when experienced through our systems.

And if there are any keen gamers in the family, we can connect a Playstation or X-Box for a gaming experience unlike they’d ever imagined possible.

And if you’re thinking, ‘I won’t be able to tell the difference, I’ve always been happy with my TVs sound’ then we’d urge you come and experience what we have to offer. Anyone can hear and indeed feel the difference between ordinary sound and a Homeplay home cinema. Call us to arrange a demonstration and you’re sure to see what we mean...

We have various pre-engineered system packages available to suit a multitude of budgets and requirements, from as little as £8,995 inc VAT. 

To experience what Homeplay can do to enhance the media in your family’s life, call us to arrange for a demonstration and a consultation.

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