Distributed Audio / Video

No wires. No clutter. No complicated controls. Just the content you want, in the room you want it, when you want it

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have all of your music, movies, TV programmes and photos stored and organised in one place? And then to be able to access that content in any room of your house through a simple to use interface? Well, that’s what Homeplay specialise in providing for our clients.

Our distributed media systems make for tidier, more attractive living spaces. By centralising all of your audio/visual sources and distributing them around your home in high-definition, we can make sure that your home looks like a home and not like an electrical superstore.

Have you ever recorded a TV programme on Sky+ in the Living Room and wanted to watch it back in another room? With a Homeplay distributed media system, you can do this; simply and in glorious high-definition.

Or how about watching online content from BBC iPlayer, YouTube or iTunes? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to watch this online content on a large screen with crystal clear sound, rather than on a tiny screen with tiny, poor quality speakers? With a Homeplay Distributed AV system, you can...

And with the latest wireless music systems we can install amazing quality sound throughout your home in a mere day! These internet connected systems are capable of playing thousands of internet radio stations and millions of songs from online music subscription services (or even wirelessly stream music from your iPhone) and are blindingly simple and fun to use. Your parties will never be the same...

To see how flexible and easy to use our Distributed AV systems are, call us to arrange for a demonstration and a consultation.

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