Media Room Revamp

This client was recommended to us by the American Express Centurion Card concierge service after he contacted them asking for help with updating his Home Cinema system.
Initially we were asked to update a tired looking home cinema system that had been installed by another company around 5 years ago. The client wanted a new 3D projector, a more simple and intuitive remote control system and a whole house music system amongst a few other minor things. He also wanted to integrate the various game console accessories that he had into the system, so that he didn't have wires trailing across the room for X-Box Kinekt and PS3 Move, etc.

We also recommended that he replace the existing speaker system with some very clever and completely invisible 'plaster-in' speakers, to be more in keeping with the sleek interior that the rest of the property has. In addition to this, we designed a smart housing for the unsightly drop-down projector screen he had and integrated some LED lighting to create an interesting feature of the screen housing.

We began work by removing the old equipment which was sold on eBay on behalf of the client, the proceeds of which were given to his chosen charity. The main equipment rack was located in a basement so we had to use the existing cabling that was already in place. Once this cabling was all tidied up and properly managed, we began installing the plaster-in left, centre and right speakers and dual subwoofers and created a recess above the TV screen to house the X-Box Kinect and PS3 Move cameras. We used the existing CAT5 cabling to send the signals for these cameras back to the main equipment rack. Two new 19" equipment racks were installed to properly house all of the equipment.

We installed a Sonos digital music system throughout the house and integrated this and the rest of the system with a Control4 remote control system, which allowed the client to control every part of the system via a simple and intuitive handheld remote, and also his iPad.

Also, we installed an HDMI distribution system so that we could centralise his Sky+HD receivers and make them available throughout the house. This means that he can watch and control any of his sources in other rooms of the house, even though everything is located in the basement.

Finally, we installed a remote controlled power management system so that the client can save energy switching off equipment at the mains when he’s not using it, all from his iPad.

During the installation he'd already began recommending us to his friends and is currently considering some more exciting upgrades!

Technical Overview -

· Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speaker System with Dual Subwoofers
· Two Middle Atlantic 19” equipment racks to house system and various games consoles
· Control4 Remote Control System with iPad control & Wyrestorm HDMI Distribution
· JVC Projector, Denon Surround receiver, Dune HD Media Streamer & Sonos Music System

Approximate System Value - £40,000 inc VAT

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