I Want One Of Those!

A client came to us with a simple request that we're used to dealing with...

"I've seen the Home Cinema you did for my business partner, it’s amazing and I NEED one of my own!"

This family have a beautifully finished home and it was immediately clear that we were going to have to be very clever about what cables we installed and how we installed them.
Carefully hiding all the cables for the projector through the ceiling without making a mark was our first task, which our installers managed with relative ease. A shiny new HD projector was then mounted to the ceiling and connected. Next, we designed and installed a custom built frame from timber and MDF, which housed the front Left, Centre and Right speakers and gave us the perfect mounting for the acoustically transparent projection screen to be installed upon. This gave the clean look that the client was after and the cinematic experience of having the speakers mounted behind the screen, just like the Odeon!

A powerful subwoofer was added along with some rear effect speakers to complete the amazing sound system. We then set about ridding the space of the family’s huge but unsightly and unmanageable DVD collection by using a Kaleidescape movie server, putting the entire DVD collection at their fingertips via a blindingly simple to use on-screen menu. We then added some remote lighting control to set the mood and made everything easy to use with an intuitive remote control system.

The family loved it, so much so that they then asked us to kit out the rest of the house too…

They wanted to be able to enjoy their Kaleidescape movie server anywhere in the house, but the house was only wired with standard aerial cable and the beautiful décor made it impossible to install new cabling. So we used a clever system that turned the Kaleidescape into a Freeview channel that could be viewed on any of the homes twelve Digital TVs. At the same time, we also transmitted the four Sky+HD receivers and several security cameras so that all TVs in the house had access to every source in the house. We added a radio frequency remote control for each room, to make sure that all sources could be easily controlled throughout the house.

All of this was achieved without causing any disruption to the décor whatsoever.

Then, in a final flourish of tech awesomeness, we installed a Sonos wireless digital music system, which is now one of the families favourite things, letting them listen to whatever music they want in any room of the house.

Technical Overview -
  • JVC High Definition Projection System
  • K 150 Series 5.1 Channel Speaker System
  • Denon Surround Receiver
  • Kaleidescape M-Series Movie Server
  • Promax 8 Channel DVB-T Modulation System
  • 13x RTI T1B Remote Controls, 2x ZRP6 & 1x RP1 Remote Control Processors
  • Sonos Digital Music System – 10 zones

Approximate Installation Value - £70,000 inc VAT

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