What makes us different...


Our team members come from a variety of different backgrounds but have one thing in common – we love to use our passion for technology to make people’s lives more amazing. And although we’re certainly of a geeky persuasion, we’re also kind, empathetic people that you’ll really enjoy dealing with.


We know that your time at home is precious, so we do as much as we can to make sure that we spend as little time working in your home as possible. Most of our work is carried out in the calm and organised environment of our design and engineering centre in Sunbury-on-Thames. By the time we arrive at your home, we’ll have already neatly wired, carefully programmed and thoroughly tested your system to perfection.

Fastidious Execution

We have a pedantic fascination with the details, because the ‘last 5%’ is a big part of what makes our projects so special. Neat cabling, clear labels, detailed as-built system drawings – these are some of the many things we do that set us apart from the competition.


Once we’ve installed your system, we’ll be around to help you to get the best from it. Regular planned maintenance, managed through our custom-built online service portal will keep your system up to date and running the latest software. And we’ll let you benefit from our geeky obsessiveness by keeping you informed of any cool new products we think you’d like to know about. 

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