Linn Music Systems

The Only Sound

If you’re a music lover, you’ll love our Linn music systems.

Over thirty years ago Linn was born out of a simple truth; the more accurately a system reproduces sound, the greater the impact it will have on the listener. The better the sound, the greater the benefit.

Their music and home cinema systems are handbuilt and precision engineered in Scotland and can be found throughout the world in luxury homes, royal residences, and on-board the world’s finest superyachts.

To Linn music in your life is a necessity and quality reproduction essential. The unique, pure sound of Linn is the most accurate sound possible, delivering the most involving music and the most absorbing cinema. 

With their market leading DS (Digital Stream) technology, Linn offers the ultimate high performance multi-room music systems. Coupled with simplistic control options and an uncomplicated installation the only question left to ask is ‘How good a sound do you want, and where do you want it?’

With the ability to stream music from a hard drive, play internet radio and reproduce inputted sources such as Apple Airplay, all at amazing quality the Linn DS systems mark a breakthrough in performance music systems.

Arrange an appointment at our Esher showroom to hear music at it's best, through a Linn Music System.

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